The flag of Bhutan ("Land of the Dragon") features a dragon grasping jewels; this represents natural wealth and perfection. The white color is for purity and loyalty, the gold is for regal power, and the orange-red is for Buddhist sects and religious commitment. The flag may have been introduced as recently as 1971.
Location of Bhutan

Official name: Druk-Yul (Kingdom of Bhutan).

Form of government: constitutional monarchy with one legislative house (National Assembly [150]).

Head of state and government: Monarch assisted by the Council of Ministers.

Population (1998): 633,000.

Population projection: (2000) 662,000; (2010) 821,000.

Natural increase rate per 1,000 population (1997): 27.4 (world avg. 15.7).

Gross national product
(at current market prices; 1996): U.S.$282,000,000 (U.S.$390 per capita).

Land use (1994): forested 66.0%; meadows and pastures 5.8%; agricultural and under permanent cultivation 2.8%; other 25.4%.
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